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Oracle Security Updates

Oracle released a critical patch (cumulative) update that addresses multiple vulnerabilities.

GitLab Security Updates

The GitLab team released security updates that address a critical security vulnerability that could be exploited by a

Log4j Vulnerability Alert

Malicious actors are actively exploiting a critical vulnerability in Apache Log4j Version 2.15.0 .

VMware Security Update

VMware has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation.

Phishing Email Advisory

The Uganda National CERT and Coordination Center (CERT.UG/CC) strongly advises all users to review the security advis

Cisco Security Update

Cisco published an update that the public exploit code exists for CVE-2020-350 and further notes that the vulnerabili

Chrome Security Update

Google published an urgent security update that addresses 14 vulnerabilities for the Chrome browser.

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