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Chrome Update

Google released a security update (Chrome version 86.0.4240.111) that addresses high severity vulnerabilities affecti

Microsoft Outlook RCE Vulnerability

The Microsoft Security Response Center released another security advisory concerning a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vu

QNAP Advisory

The QNAP security team released updates that address two critical security vulnerabilities in the Helpdesk app that c

Fortigate Advisory

Security researchers have confirmed that installations of Fortigate VPN solutions with default settings allows an att

Intel Advisory

Intel security has released an advisory that addresses a potential security vulnerability in Intel® Active Management

Financial Sector Security Advisory

CERT.UG/CC raises this advisory that provides information on a North Korean group known as BuggleBoys that targets fi

Nginx Security Fix

Nginx released a security fix to address the ‘nginx DNS Resolver Off-by-One Heap Write’ vulnerability.

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