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GitLab Security Updates

The GitLab team released security updates that address a critical security vulnerability that could be exploited by a

Log4j Vulnerability Alert

Malicious actors are actively exploiting a critical vulnerability in Apache Log4j Version 2.15.0 .

VMware Security Update

VMware has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in vCenter Server and Cloud Foundation.

Phishing Email Advisory

The Uganda National CERT and Coordination Center (CERT.UG/CC) strongly advises all users to review the security advis

Cisco Security Update

Cisco published an update that the public exploit code exists for CVE-2020-350 and further notes that the vulnerabili

Chrome Security Update

Google published an urgent security update that addresses 14 vulnerabilities for the Chrome browser.

Microsoft June Updates

Microsoft released security updates that address various vulnerabilities for a range of its impacted products.

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