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Twitter has sent out an alert to all its users asking them to change their passwords. This after Twitter’s team found out that their user’s passwords were recorded in plain text in a log file accessible only internally.

This advisory focuses on the CISCO XE vulnerability.

This advisory focuses on the Remote Code Execution vulnerability.

There are confirmed usable exploits targeting memcached servers by leveraging Distributed Denial of Service attacks. Red Hat has come out to provide guidance on how to prevent this type of attack.

MITRE CNA - In WordPress through 4.9.2, unauthenticated attackers can cause a denial of service (resource consumption) by using the large list of registered .js files (from wp-includes/script-loader.php) to construct a series of requests to load every file many times.

The Scans from a recently completed binary code scan for known security vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi routers show that while KRACK may be the newest and potentially most harmful WPA2 security vulnerability, the firmware offered by router OEMs contains numerous known security vulnerabilities that can