Cisco Patches Hardcore Password, DOS Vulnerabilities in Software Devices

Cisco patched a handful of issues across its software line this week, including two critical vulnerabilities that could lead to the complete compromise of any devices running the software, and a hardcoded password that exists in some access points made by the company.

Malware Changes Router DNS Settings via Mobile Devices

Researchers have come across a piece of JavaScript malware that is capable of changing the DNS settings of home routers from mobile devices.

The malware, dubbed by Trend Micro JS_JITON, has been distributed via compromised websites in Russia and various Asian countries. When these compromised sites are visited from a mobile device, JS_JITON is delivered and it downloads a threat detected as JS_JITONDNS, which is designed to change the DNS settings of the router the infected device is connected to.

Is Enterprise Security Being Weighed Down by Point Solutions?

The cybersecurity industry is bubbling with new technologies that go after the threat du jour. The threat landscape has evolved, and cyber risk from organized crime and nation states represent a clear and present danger. The impact on enterprise security is severe. Our security is only as good as our ability to coherently and consistently put up a solid defense.