Symantec Releases Security Updates

Security Advisories Relating to Symantec Products - Symantec Norton Client DLL Pre-Loading Uncontrolled Search Path Elevation of Privilege


Norton Security products, Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Enterprise (SEP SBE) clients, and Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud (SEPC) clients are susceptible to a potential DLL pre-loading issue. The issue is caused by improper restrictions when system libraries are loaded. This could result in arbitrary code running with user-level permissions but may result in arbitrary code running with elevated permissions.

Cisco Resets Passwords on Careers Portal

Cisco last week prompted a password reset for the user accounts on its Cisco Professional Careers mobile website after a security researcher discovered a vulnerability in the portal.

The networking giant decided to reset the user passwords to ensure that accounts are kept secure, and says that the issue would have resulted in exposing “a limited set of job application-related information.” Cisco says that it doesn’t believe that the exposed information was accessed by anyone else than the researcher who discovered the security flaw.

Uganda helps the IWF mark 20 years of fighting online child sexual abuse imagery

More than a quarter of a million webpages showing children being sexually abused are identified and removed in 20-year history.

Uganda Reporting Portal was established in September, 2015 to provide a quick and easy way for citizens to report online images and videos of child sexual abuse, to a safe and anonymous hotline.    

Uganda Reporting Page