More Ugandan Children facing Online Sexual Abuse

There has been a rise in the cases of children exposed to online sexual abuse as a result of increased access to affordable internet.

According to Emmanuel Mugabi CERT Analyst - Information Secuirty Directorate of the National Information Technology Authority -Uganda (NITA-U), online sexual abuse of children is usually done by paedophiles - adults who are sexually attracted to young children.

He says they befriend the children online for example on sociall media platforms and interest them in sexual - related content. 

Google Increases Android Bug Bounty Payouts

After paying out more than half a million dollars, Google has decided to increase the rewards offered to researchers who report vulnerabilities through the company’s Android bug bounty program.

The Android Security Rewards program was launched exactly one year ago, with up to $38,000 offered per submission. Over the past year, 82 researchers reported more than 250 flaws for which they received a total of over $550,000 from Google.