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Wait, is that QR code safe?

QR codes are loved for their simplicity in enabling quick and hustle free access to information. As such, you are more likely to use your smartphone to read a QR code to fill out a registration form, access WiFi, loading a website, share contact information or read a menu among other use cases.

Cybercriminals have picked up on the QR code trend for fraudulent purposes. Cybercriminals main technique is to send unsuspecting users an e-mail that contains a QR code. The QR code leads users to access a malware loaded website or fake site that requests for sensitive information such as passwords.

Here are the top tips to consider before scanning that QR code in your inbox:

  • Do not scan the QR code if it has been sent to you from an unfamiliar source
  • Check out for suspicious signs such as a poorly worded email, grammatical errors and most importantly if the tone has a sense of urgency for you to act
  • Do not enter any of your sensitive details such as passwords on any website or any link from the QR code (if your hands were too quick to scan)!

Stay safe!