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Protect your social media account

Don’t get hacked! Social media is increasingly becoming the main channel for ‘social communication.’ Businesses use it for marketing new products, services, and engaging clients. Likewise, internet users use social media to keep up with the latest trends, news and share experiences. Over time, whatever social media platform you use, grows into a personal possession, as it is a reflection of your likes and what you associate with.

More than often, the first activity you do before you sleep and first when you wake is to check your social media! Some of the most used social media platforms include Instagram and Twitter. This piece of digital space is increasingly becoming a target for hackers. The main trick used by hackers is to send you a seemingly convincingly correct message that includes a malicious link. The messages are targeted and are aimed to cause panic or get you to act quickly by clicking on a malicious link. Unknowingly, clicking the link will assist a hacker to obtain further information such as your password. With a stolen password, a hacker can then take over your account, change your e-mail. A victim will be locked out of their account and will then be asked for payment (sometimes in cryptocurrency such as bitcoin) in order to regain access.

The two best tips to protect your social media account are:

  1. Use a strong password for your account. Try using a passphrase that is at least 12 characters.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication for your account to increase the level of protection for your account. Here are quick links: