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Have you thought about using a Password Manager?

An average user may have about seven passwords. This includes passwords for your social media handles, personal e-mail, maybe internet banking and PINs for your mobile money, ATM! This can get more complex if you also have office e-mail where you most likely have to frequently change your password! More often its easy to forget all these different passwords. Because of this, most users will most likely use the same password and same PIN across all platforms. The risk is that if one is compromised, then you will have failed to protect access to your accounts.

The best practice is to use a different not easy to guess password. The best way to safely protect these passwords is to use a Password Manager. A good password manager will enable you store all your passwords and PINs in one secure account that you access with a strong master password. So all you have to remember is one strong master password!

We encourage you to dig deeper to get more details on how to use a secure password manager. Here below are a few (in no particular order) that you may check out and explore:

  • Dashlane
  • Bitwarden
  • KeePass
  • Keeper
  • Norton Password Manager