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Microsoft announced that support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012R2 will end on 10th October 2023. As such, organizations that may still be using these server versions urgently need to upgrade to Windows Server 2022 or purchase Extended Security Updates.

The GitHub team supports use of passkeys across its platform. By design, Passkeys are linked to user devices.

The Nagios team released patches that address four security vulnerabilities affecting Nagios XI network monitoring software. The Uganda National CERT and Coordination Center (CERT.UG/CC) strongly advises all Sys and network admins to review and implement the appropriate patches.

The Gitlab team released security patches that address a critical flaw that allows an attacker to run pipelines as another user. This affects GitLab versions 16.3.4 and 16.2.7.

Globally, October is annually recognized as the cybersecurity awareness month. This is cognizant of the continuous need to keep end users updated with the latest knowledge and tips to remain safe online. Effective cybersecurity is a dynamic area that requires both human based and technology interventions! We encourage every organization to participate in this awareness drive by designing and executing creative cybersecurity awareness messages to users and clients. Like the old saying goes, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.

Windows PowerShell is a task-based command-line shell or user interface that allows for task automation to manage operating systems and processes. This tool is increasingly used by malicious actors to gain control of systems once they infiltrate an organization’s network.