The internet has greatly impacted the way we interact in all spheres of life. As a result, we are increasingly connected as a society. Today, our children are steadily adopting the use of the internet supported by the gradual price reduction in both access costs and mobile technology. Whereas the internet offers advantages in the areas of learning and interaction, children are faced with risks due to their vulnerable nature. There are cyber-criminals that are increasing targeting vulnerable children with malicious intent, damaging interactions towards sexual grooming and exploitation.

World over, the focus is now aimed at implementing a two pronged strategy:

  • Educating all categories of internet users including children on responsible use as well as creating awareness among key stakeholders; and
  • Removing harmful content online and bringing to book those involved as well as providing rehabilitative care to the victims.


UGANDA’S Initiative     

The Ministry of Internal Affairs put in place a multi-sectoral Working Group on Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation Online with representation from National Information Technology Authority – Uganda (NITA-U), Uganda Police Force, Ministry of Gender, Labour & Social Development, Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs, Uganda Communications Commission, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Information and National Guidance, INTERPOL and Civil Society to develop a national strategy to counter this new wave of cyber-crime. 

Each of the stakeholders carries out coordinated complementary roles basing on their field of specialization.


Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Page (CSARP)  

As part of our contributory role towards this national initiative, NITA-U led the establishment of an online mechanism where citizens in Uganda can report online sexual abuse content (websites that show child sexual abuse videos or images). 

This was through collaboration with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to put in place the ‘Child Sexual Abuse Reporting Portal’ for Uganda.

The CSARP is an effective solution that leverages the IWF expertise and international collaboration to remove online child sexual abuse content. The portal will be able to support tracing and take down of harmful content, rescue of victims as well as assist in investigations to prosecute cyber criminals.


                                                                                                                        How CSARP works


REPORT :   Child Sexual Abuse Content Online